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LKSUD understands that our current project creates some inconvenience and would like to give you an update on the water line replacement project.

The contractor “Wilson Contractors” has had three or four sub-contractors working on different phases of our project with initial efforts beginning at the water tower behind the fire station towards the front gate.

  1. The first step was to locate and mark existing water, electrical, telephone, and cable companies’ infrastructure.
  2. The second step was to make the cross bores to feed lines on the opposite side of the road from the new water main line.
  3. The third step was laying the pipes out along the easement and the beginning of fusing the joints of HDPE pipe together above ground, so they could be pulled in the ground after the boring.
  4. The fourth step was digging holes to allow the boring machine to properly setup and bore the new water main lines.
  5. The boring began and is about 85% completed for this phase.
  6. The next step will be to install the isolation valves and fire hydrants and then the tapping saddles on the main line. The remaining separated lines will then be fused and covered.
  7. Once this is basically completed work will begin on the northern phase.
  8. The open ditches will have been filled and closed and allowed to settle and dirt work and sod will be laid in the areas that have been cut.
  9. The same procedures will be done on the northern phase (Cayuga and Pawnee area).


We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we hope that once this is completed and the main lines are outside of the roadbed we will minimize damage to the roads if breaks occur.


Thank you for understanding


Ronny p. Young

General Manger, LKSUD